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I have more than one fan page – how many fan pages can I add?

You can add as many fan pages as you like.

How do I add my fan page(s)?

Click here to add your fan page(s).

How do I find the URL for my fan page?

Visit this page and right click over the name of your page and copy the URL.

How can I edit my fan page(s)?

Click here to edit your fan page(s).

How can I delete my fan page(s)?

You can delete your fan page(s) from here

How can I see who liked my my pages?

You can see who liked your pages from this page – don’t forget to like their pages.

Can I view all of the fan pages added by other members on Like Exchange?

Yes, click here to view all the fan pages on Like Exchange. Please note that you will not see the pages that you’ve added from this page. Just the pages that other members have added.

How can I see all the pages I’ve added?

You can view all of the pages you’ve added by visiting this page.

I’d like to change my email address and my password – how can I do that?

You can do make those changes from the Account Settings page.

I’d like to do an exchange with a specific category of fan page. Can I do this?

Yes. You can choose any category from our Directory to discover pages that you might be interested in.

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